LOOK: What Was "The Best Gift Ever" For JAMES REID?

It's no secret that This Time star James Reid is a fan of independent band Oh, Flamingo! The now 23-year old singer-actor even tweeted his favorite Oh, Flamingo! jam last month!

That's why James is so thankful to girlfriend Nadine Lustre and best bud Bret Jackson for giving him "the best gift ever"! And that's inviting Oh, Flamingo! to perform during their surprise party for the birthday boy!

Of course, it was also a pleasure for the indie quartet to play for their biggest celebrity fan! In case you're not familiar with Oh, Flamingo!, the fast-rising group was one of the local acts who played at this year's Wanderland music festival last March!

Is Oh, Flamingo! also a part of your playlist just like James Reid? Let us know by leaving a comment!



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