MYXclusive: MILESEXPERIENCE Launches Debut Album!

It’s been a long time coming, but indie band MilesExperience launched their debut album last April 30!

The self-proclaimed "Heavy Landi Metal Band" composed of Miles Bondoc (vocals/guitar), Justin Teano (guitar), Ian Diaz (bass), Guido Hizon (keyboard), and Timothy Odulio (drums) finally unveiled Again & Against during the jam-packed launch at B-Side Makati!

MSex was joined by their brothers from the local music scene such as Benny Bunny Band, Tanya Markova, Autotelic, December Avenue, Sud, and Jensen and the Flips! They were so thankful to have such impressive opening acts during the event which was hilariously tagged as #AlbumRichards! 

MSex was also accompanied by a string squad during the launch! Apparently, some parts of the show were filmed for an upcoming music video! 

Indeed, the band felt supremely loved by their fans as the album was sold out that night! Watch MilesExperience talk about Again & Against in the MYXclusive video below!

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