Hijo Defines Slow Rock

Life is about moving on. And that was what Nathan Azarcon, Ira Cruz and Vic Mercado did when their former band Bamboo ceased being a group. With their passion for music, they decided to form their own group in late January 2011ùa band they would eventually call Hijo.

ôThe name Hijo was suggested by Vic,ö Nathan said. ôIt is short for HIJO dePuga"

Nathan, aside from playing bass now mans the vocals with Ira and Vic still doing the same thing they are good at- guitars and drums respectively. But adding to the bandÆs members are Radioactive Sago ProjectÆs Junji Lerma on guitars and Wowee Posadas (who replaced Jay Orduna) on keyboards.

For people to get a taste of their music, Hijo released an EP entitled ôSlow Rock Vol. +öwhich they tag as ôKung-Fu Rockö.

ôIt is slow rockà and we wanted a funny title for it. ItÆs so dark as it is,ö Nathan said.

Compared to their previous experience with their former bands, it was a different recording process for the group especially for Nathan, Ira and Vic.

ôWorking with the band is just amazing. This is the first time the three of us recorded most of our parts separately. We already had a formula for laying down tracks but this time we pushed ourselves and went the opposite way. I love how it all turned out. ItÆs still us. Plus, of course, with the addition of Junji and Jay o, it sounded fresh. Working with Shinji Tanaka and Eric Perlas was pretty cool,ö Nathan said.

ôSlow Rock Vol. +ö contains four tracks like ôTamaleeö which is about insatiable greed; ôDi Mo Na Kayaö- a song on separation and loss; ôTorquemadaö- about pain and torture and ôDahil Sa Iyoö which speaks about love. The videos for ôTamaleeö and ôDi Mo Na Kayaö are currently playing on top music channels in the country.

ôThe music videos are amazing. Direk Jason Tan and Erwin Romulo is the shiz. We have a good team,ö Nathan said.

Though a lot of bands have been mushrooming left and right, Hijo belies they have the traits that differentiate them from others.

ôWe are in our prime. Kung baga sa modern warfare, veteran. We pack light, hit hard, retreat, regroup, we adjust and then we attack again. Such is the nature of the pride,ö Nathan said.

ôSlow Rock Vol. +ö is now out under MCA Music in CDs at leading record bars nationwide or online via To download HijoÆs music on your mobile phones, just text HIJO to 3456.