Death Cab for Cutie's Jason McGerr Guarantees a Great Show

They will possess your heart. That is, if they haven't yet.

A few more days and the guys of American alternative band Death Cab for Cutie will be here to rock out at  the NBC Tent Global City Taguig on a Monday (March 5, 2012).
During a round table phone interview with the drummer of alternative band Death Cab For Cutie, drummer Jason McGerr said, "I don't think the show is gonna be a bummer for anybody."

As this will be their first time to play in the Philippines, McGerr said, "Whenever we get to play somewhere new, it's a really exciting one because you're sort of trying to prove yourself, trying to prove something."

"I guarantee that it'll be a great show. Our albums come across, sometimes, a little subdued compared to the live show which has a lot more frenzy, swag, and rock 'n roll to it."

The band's recent hits include "I Will Possess Your Heart", "Cath", and Meet Me on the Equinox" from the Twilight Saga: New Moon soundtrack.

Eavesdrop on the rest of our conversation with Jason McGerr about what to expect from their show on March 5, covering popular music, and his celebrity crush!

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