UPDATED: Beliebers Set to Break World Record!

Most people are content to celebrate their 18th birthday with a simple celebration with family and friends, but not if you're Justin Bieber. For his 18th birthday on Thursday (March 1), the world joined in on the festivities to set the Guinness World Records for most social media messages sent in a 24-hour period!

According to Mashable, AgencyNet (creators of Justin Bieber's official website) posted that the Beliebers may have already broken the record previously set by Beat Cancer Everywhere back in 2009. @JBWorldRecord tweeted, "What a bday gift! @justinbieber is a lucky one to have all your love and support. Final count before Guinness verifies is 322,224 #PROUD"

Guinness World Records still has to verify the messages sent within the 24-hour period  of March 1 and will announce the official results on March 9 EST, according to AgencyNet.

All the effort didn't go unnoticed as the Biebs shouted out to all Beliebers:

THIS IS AMAZING> the things my fans do. THANK U. A record? Leggo 4 it. SWAG!! 15 hours ago via web +  Reply +  Retweet +  Favorite + powered by @socialditto

Girlfriend Selena Gomez even joined in on the fun, tweeting:

Happy birthday to my best friend in the world world!!! Have a great birthday baby! 13 hours ago via Instagram +  Reply +  Retweet +  Favorite + powered by @socialditto

The Biebs also got a big surprise from host Ellen Degeneres when manager Sccoter Braun appeared on her show to present a special gift on air for the pop star -- a $100,000 car! From one gift to another, Justin Bieber gives back to fans by announcing a new single to be released on March 26th off his album, Believe. The title? "Boyfriend."

"You work really, really hard and I always yell at you, æDonÆt get anything flashy. WeÆre not about that. Be humble.Æ And I kind of broke my own rule," Bruan said.

When not setting a world record and receiving an eco-friendly ride, Justin is busy giving back. For his birthday, Justin urged his loyal followers to donate money for his advocacy of providing clean water to people in need.

"Birthdays can change the world," especially if you're Justin Bieber.

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