K-Pop Fanatics Show Off Their Dance Moves

Dancing with Dasuri Choi

Thomasians danced to K-Pop beats despite the heat.

The K-Pop Flash Mob 2012, organized by UST AnNyeong Tomasino, gathered fanatics yesterday (March 3) for a dance off to some of the biggest K-Pop tunes by acts like 2ne1, Super Junior, TVXQ, T-Ara and more!

Korean choreographer Dasuri Choi graced the event in a special song and dance number which revved up the crowd. She has worked with some of the biggest K-Pop acts like Wonder Girls, 4minute, T-ara, and Brown Eyed Girls.

Choi, who's currently teaching K-Pop dance at the Korean Cultural Center, says that she enjoys teaching Filipinos because of their enthusiasm to learn. "They really love K-Pop even more than Koreans!" she said.

Likewise, she has embraced certain unique aspects of Philippine culture, including food (sinigang, bulalo, green mango with bagoong) and Pinoy rides ("I like jeepney and tricycle").

The skit before the dance
Dasuri Choi in a special dance number

The event aims to foster ties between the Philippines and Korea, as well as unite K-Pop fanatics through dance. More importantly, it sends out the message to K-Pop acts to make the country a venue for future concerts.

"We want their destination to be the Philippines," said Paul Salvador, UST AnNyeong Tomasino President. 


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  • lightyagami56

    posted 5 years ago

    sana may sample ng video. dapat pala nakapunta ako sayang . i love pa naman k-pop . sana makita ko ng personal si dasuri choi


    posted 5 years ago

    Ganda naman!! :) Kainggit!

  • Francely

    posted 5 years ago

    OMO!! TVXQ!! <3