Chicosci NAGJA-Jamming at NAGDA-Dragonball!

MMA 2012 nominee Chicosci, Favorite Rock Video and Favorite Remake, takes a minute to chat with MYXph about their preoccupations when not making music.

Watch as they get their game on with some wordplay in answer to our queries. To quote Mong, "Ano pa! Ano pa'ng gusto niyong malaman?"

Chicosci's "Unbelievable" is nominated for two categories this year. Click here to cast you votes!

Voting ends tomorrow (March 9). Winners will be revealed on March 13 at the Music Museum. Winners are determined through 40% artist votes and 60% fan votes. So, be heard. VOTE NOW!



  • twisshhyy

    posted 5 years ago

    OMG!!! I'm soo kilig right now. :"> Hahahah! Thanks MYX for this cute and fun interview. :)