"We're just going through some brotherly love right now." - Bamboo on Nathan Azarcon

If you we're wondering what happened to Bamboo (the band), Bamboo Ma±alac spilled the story to Karen Davila during his recent guesting in her show, "Headstart" on ANC. 

Bamboo being one of the pillars of two of the most influential rock groups in OPM, Rivermaya and Bamboo, it's quite surprising how he has decided to leave in the middle of their success.

"It's probably one of the hardest things I've ever done. Initially, it was basically me, but then when we all sat down, it was pretty mutual," According to Bamboo, it was a mutual decision among his bandmates. "You know it's time. They all agreed."

"I just thought that we were tired. There was no joy in what we were doing. It's been a couple of years already. People always think it was a spur of the moment thing, but even maybe, three years back, we already sat down. That maybe it's time we walk away from this," Bamboo explained.

With their string of successes come commitments that entail huge sacrifice. Bamboo admitted he's been losing time for things that are most important to him. "There are arguments, but I don't think that's the main reason. For me, it was just time to move on. I don't want to come home heavy-hearted. I love my music, it's my job, it's what I do. But then, I don't want to sacrifice my family, my friends, my home."

Arguments have been brought up and fans and followers of the band speculate that it is a rift between bassist Nathan Azarcon, who has been with him since Rivermaya. Bamboo didn't confirm nor deny the issue but only had this to say: "He's like a brother to me. We're just going through some brotherly love right now," the former Bamboo vocalist said, smiling. "It happens. It happened with the band, it happened now. We all move on and I think time will heal everything... I can't even say it's a fight. This is all after the fact that the band disbanded."

So, did Rico Blanco and Bamboo fight too? "We just don't see each other, we're in totally different circles. But we don't fight."

Bamboo is open to collaborate with Rico for a possible Rivermaya reunion soon. Nathan is now with a new band called Hijo, taking the frontman duties along with other former Bamboo members, Vic Mercado and Ira Cruz. Bamboo extends his congratulations to them by saying, "I'm happy for them."

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What can you say about Bamboo's revelations? Who's side are you on? Do you think they can patch things up in time for a much anticipated Rivermaya reunion?

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  • twisshhyy

    posted 5 years ago

    Saw the band Hijo in a concert last month and Nathan said "Hi, ako po pala si Bamboo" then everyone laughed because he's also bald. Heheh. :) Hope they'll be okay soon. <3

  • youngG47

    posted 5 years ago

    gs2 ko sana makita yung interview sa lokal artist davao sa urban myx