"Mother's Day" Is The Perfect Movie For The Occasion!

Mother's Day is a time-honored tradition that's why director Garry Marshall is bringing us another memorable film for the person who has the most important job in the world!

Just like his previous movies New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day, Mother's Day features a star-studded cast led by Julia Roberts as a popular TV celebrity. Jennifer Aniston plays a divorced woman who gets caught up with her ex-husband's new partner and struggles to raise her children independently. Kate Hudson's character gets a visit from her parents who turn her world upside down. Meanwhile, Jason Sudeikis plays a widower who takes on being a mom for his only daughter. 

Watch the full trailer below:

Video Courtesy: Zero Media

Mother's Day is full of laughter and joy! So hurry, bring your mom to watch this film dedicated to great women like her. Mother's Day is now showing in cinemas nationwide!

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