Rico Blanco: OPM's Not Dead

Rico Blanco turns 39 today, and in those 39 years, almost two decades were spent pursuing his passion for music -- whether it be songwriting, performing, or producing records. So, for someone who has dedicated almost half his life contributing to the local music scene, hearing people claim that OPM is dead, or that it is dying, is a travesty.

The prolific songwriter disputed the claim during a recent press conference for a local rum he's endorsing with other bands.

"Siguro iba na ang consumption ngayon," he said. "We don't count the number of CDs sold."

"We count the number of bodies," Wolfgang vocalist Basti Artadi added, referring to the size of crowd they command for concerts organized by the said brand.

Rico further stated that music has been good no matter the era.

"Iba naman talaga every era. The 70s music was good, the 80s was good, the 90s were good, too. Iba lang ang consumption nila." Adding, "How many likes does Parokya have on Facebook? About a million? If OPM's dead, they won't have that following."

Rico (@ricoblanco), himself a heavy social networking user, uses the platform to bridge the divide between him and the fans. The technology has also enabled him to discover untapped talents. In fact, it was MySpace that introduced him to the music of up-and-coming band Never the Strangers whose single, "Alive," peaked at #3 in the Pinoy MYX Countdown.

"I'm very happy that they're doing so well," said Rico. "The fan base is growing, and people are starting to discover their music."

"I felt that I need to share their music when I first heard them. I think I was just browsing through the MySpace pages of local artists and I stumbled upon their site, their page. Instantly, nagustuhan ko ang kantang narinig ko. I did what I could to help them get their break, so I'm happy they're not wasting their break, they're working very hard on their music and their performances. I'm happy for them."

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Rico: "How many likes does Parokya have on Facebook? About a million? If OPM's dead, they won't have that following."

When asked about the much-awaited follow-up to his first solo album, "Your Universe," which was certified platinum, he said:

"As we speak, I'm about 90% done. In one week, I'm done with the album, and then maybe a few more weeks, lalabas na siguro ang single, so very soon, you'll have it in your hands."

As for his musical influences that helped shape his upcoming record, MYXph asked about his encounter with internationally-acclaimed alternative rock band Death Cab For Cutie who was in the country a few weeks back for a one-night performance at the NBC Tent in Taguig.

"I was able to chat with the guys for a bit. We were just comparing notes, philosophies namin -- life, music, philosophies. Sharing ideas."

"There were some similarities in our work, whether they're international superstars and I'm just a local artist, may similarities as musicians and as fans of music."

"We had a bit of discussion about technical stuff. I picked up a thing or two. I was very inquisitive, kasi andami kong tanong. Things that I always wondered in the studio, in regards to mastering and mixing. Chris Walla, in particular, was really nice to inform me of those things and answer my questions."

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    Hindi talaga. Happy birthday!!!