LISTEN: CHVRCHES Releases New Song For A Video Game!

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a new video game that will be out this June! Scottish synthpop trio Chvrches is delighted to contribute an original song for its official soundtrack!

Vocalist Lauren Mayberry wrote the lyrics to "Warning Call"! According to her bandmate Iain Cook, "The sound of Chvrches' music resonates with the minimalist sci-fi dystopia of the Mirror’s Edge world, and we feel that the song complements the drama, emotion and empowering themes of Faith's story.” 

Looks like Chvrches is not just a hot pick for different music festivals all over the world, they're also the band to rely on when it comes to video game soundtracks! Be one of the first FANCLVB members to hear "Warning Call" below!

Video Courtesy: NettwerkMusic

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    posted 1 year ago