MYXclusive: SUNNY Reacts To Instagram's New Look!

Guys, change has come! You wake up and everything's just so different. Of course, we're referring to Instagram's new look which caught everyone off guard and garnered mixed reactions from IGers! Some felt okay with the new logo while others wanted the old one back!

"Ibabalik kaya nila 'yung logo if #ChangeItBack trends?" Our MYX vlogger Sunny (@sunshinekim13) shared her honest opinion on Instagram's abrupt makeover and read comments from IG users in the MYXclusive video below!

Do you find Instagram's new look hot or not? How are you coping with the change? Tell us in the comments section!



  • Jm Calaramo

    posted 1 year ago

    I like the UI but not the new Icon. I've been using Instagram with the new UI for a month before it release the new update. So I guess I was one of the few person who got it first before everyone else

  • jplita

    posted 1 year ago