LOOK: "That's Bawal!" - 10 Filipino Superstitious Beliefs

There are probably hundreds of superstitious beliefs or pamahiin that exist in our culture. While most of them were passed on from generation to generation, some exist because they are coincidentally linked with situations that brought bad luck to certain individuals. Your Lola may sound like a broken record but it doesn't hurt to be a little cautious. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED. Here are some of the most classic pamahiin below:

Because you won't grow smart!

Because that unfortunate person will stay single forever!

It's like saying, "Hey, you make alis alis na from my life!"

You don't want to seem like you're happy about the person's death.

Who in this world would want to drive the swerte away? NO ONE.

You wouldn't want to get hurt.

You'll get broke again and again and again.

How about moving your bed right now? Your body needs your soul!

Beware: Someone's going to get killed!

I CAN'T hear the bells!

Which superstitious belief in the list do you observe? What other pamahiin do you know? Tell us in the comments section!