A New Chapter for Kjwan

L-R. Kelley Mangahas (bass), Boogie Romero (guitars), Marc Abaya (vocals), Enrique De Dios (keyboard) (Courtesy

The wait is almost over as Kjwan unveils their newest album, "Kjwan IV: volume 1," on Saturday (March 31) at Saguijo, Makati where their music video"Walang Kaso" will also premiere.

Check out the album cover!

Boasting a new lineup, the band has embraced the indie spirit, going full-on DIY with their latest effort. Said guitarist Boogie Romero, "Someone has to do the launch, the video... Mahirap pero rewarding din. Pinaghirapan mo yun eh. It feels good! No complaints."

About the album, vocalist Marc Abaya shared, "We're older. We're a little wiser. We're very, very nervous about this one. We've been together since 2003. We've been through many ups and downs, and now, this lineup is the one who stayed friends," he added.

According to newest Kjwan member Enrique De Dios, "A lot of it was inspired by our misadventures while hanging out. We hang out a lot more now, which is very nice, because if you can't be friends with your bandmates, there's no point in being a  band."

MYXph prodded the band to share with us one of their misadventures. Watch their banters in our exclusive video below!

In the words of Kelley, the album is "Done with love by Kjwan, for everyone." Albums will be available at the venue. Save the date!



  • louiepoco

    posted 5 years ago

    Yup.. Indie is the only way to go nowadays