LISTEN: 5 Famous Visayan Pop Songs!

VisPop is a popular music genre that spans across Visayas and Mindanao. Some of these Visayan Pop songs have even gained the attention of radio stations in Metro Manila. Here are 5 VisPop tunes that caught the heart of many Bisayas.

1. "Ha-Ha-Ha Hasula" by Kurt Fick


Video Courtesy: FatBoys Production

TJ Monterde gained praise from his fans after performing a cover of "Ha-Ha-Ha Hasula" on his YouTube page.

2. "Balay ni Mayang" by Martina Sandiego

Video Courtesy: FatBoys Production

"Balay ni Mayang" was also performed by Team Bamboo's Alexis Prieto during the Blind Auditions of The Voice Kids 2015.

3. "Duyog" by Jewel DelRio Villaflores

Video Courtesy: FatBoys Production

American singer-songwriter David Dimuzio performed a cover of "Duyog" together with Jewel Villaflores.

4. "Sa Akong Heart" by Von Saw

Video Courtesy: FatBoys Production

Von Saw's hit won Best Regional Song during the MOR Pinoy Music Awards 2015.

5. "Bok Love" by Therese Villarante and Kurt Fick

Video Courtesy: Artist Ko

Therese Villarante and Kurt Fick's "Bok Love" was an official entry to the annual VisPop Music Festival.

Kudos to all our Visayan songwriters who continue to inspire us with heartfelt songs written in this beautiful language!

What other Visayan Pop songs do you know? Share them with us in the comments section!



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    LISTEN TO THIS! Cebuano made but international quality!

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    Hi MYX i would just like to share this also.
    Di Ta Uyab Amigo ra By Maricel Sombrio


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    -Dili Tanan
    -Intergalactic Gugma