MYXclusive: G-FORCE Dance x Glamp Goes Bigger This Year!

Undeniably the biggest and the grandest summer workshop from the premier dance group, G-Force Dance x Glamp had its explosive culminating concert at the MOA Arena last May 30! 

Dance enthusiasts from all over the country and even the Middle East joined the workshop which was conducted by the great G-Force dance gurus led by Teacher Georcelle!

The students showcased what they learned during the concert! It was a thrill for the parents to witness their kids' massive improvement in different types of dance!

Gloc-9's kids Shaun and Sean took the summer dance workshop this year and Mr. & Mrs. 9 couldn't be more proud!

The Dance x Glamp participants definitely made their G-Force mentors proud as well!

The intense dance concert got even hotter as special guests Sarah Lahbati and Maja Salvador entertained the arena with breathtaking numbers!

As always, Teacher Georcelle's "White Shirt Love" number was one of the night's highlights!

Of course, the guys and girls of G-Force slayed the dance floor with spectacular prod numbers!

Congratulations to the premier dance group for being in the game for 11 years! May the "Force" be with everyone who joined this year's Dance x Glamp summer workshop! Stay tuned for G-Force’s Dance x Glamp documentary which will premiere here on MYX this month!

What can you say about this year's G-Force Dance x Glamp workshop? Leave us a comment!