"The Legend of Tarzan" Joins Campaign To Protect World's Elephants

Less than a month away from its official theatrical release, Warner Bros. Pictures' live action movie The Legend of Tarzan teams up with international non-government organizations to save and protect the world's elephants from extinction!

Stop Ivory has always fought one of the world's greatest conservation challenges - to protect Africa's rare forest elephants and save them from extinction. According to research, ivory poaching has reduced the number of global forest elephants by two thirds. And conservationists fear these could be gone in less than a decade.

Warner Bros. and Stop Ivory are currently participating in a "ReTweet for Good" campaign to raise awareness, with the studio making donations to the organization for retweets of select Stop Ivory public service announcements or PSAs. For more details, you can visit!

Watch the full trailer below:

Video Courtesy: Warner Bros.

The Legend of Tarzan will hit theaters on June 30, 2016!

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