LOOK: VJ TIPPY Is Graduating From UP!

Congrats are in order for our very own VJ Tippy Dos Santos who is graduating from the University of the Philippines Diliman!

Tippy shared her graduation picture on Instagram with a very heartfelt - albeit lengthy - account of her experiences as a student; on the verge of giving up but finding the strength and grace to move forward and appreciating her family and friends for all their support.


WARNING: extremely long and cheesy appreciation post coming.?? There have come many times in my college life when I felt as though I couldn't push on anymore, whether that be because I didn't have enough sleep because I had work or because I didn't know what to prioritize first -- my schoolwork or my studies. Somehow, by the grace of God, I found so many reasons to just move forward and suck it up even through the hardest of days. The most important reason for me to fight through the hardships was the love I have for my family, knowing that it would make my parents so happy to know that I have given importance to the most precious gift they could give me, my education. Mom and Dad, I love you both so much and the two of you have given me so much love that I could never do anything to repay the love and care you both have given me throughout my life. The both of you are my greatest inspirations and I will ALWAYS make sure to find ways to make you proud and let you know that the every bit of my heart yearns to make you guys feel my love. I love you both so much. Ate Jax, you kept me sane throughout this whole experience. I love you, my bestestfriend. I'm thankful for every single time you helped me believe that there's nothing I couldn't do. To my family, cousins, friends, teachers, and coworkers, Salamat Sa pagmamahal at paniniwala na kaya Ko to Gawin. ?? To everyone out there doubting themselves and rethinking life goals because they think they can't do so many things at once, THINK AGAIN and remember that with enough determination, inspiration and love for yourself and life, you can always find a way to finish your checklists. (Minsan nga Lang, may hawak ka pang microphone habang gumagawa Ng thesis??) Lastly, to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, thank You. You have been my rock and my light through every speed bump and mountain I had to cross. Your love gives me life. I am so blessed to have You in my life. Mom and Pop, this one's for you!!!?? Happy June 2016!??????

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Congratulations to VJ Tippy on her upcoming graduation! Shower her with your love in the comments!