10 Local Indie Artists That You Should Listen To Right Now

Now more than ever, local indie acts are remarkably making names in the music industry! These artists are gradually making an impact through beautifully written songs that the new generation of listeners can relate to! We've already featured most of them on MYX Spotlight and MYX Live Chat, but we can't help but remind you guys - here are 10 indie artists you should listen to ... RIGHT NOW.

1. Jensen and the Flips

Video Courtesy: Yellow Room Music Philippines

2. Clara Benin

Video Courtesy: poli gonzales

3. Reese Lansangan

Video Courtesy: Reese Lansangan

4. Autotelic

Video Courtesy: Save The Day

5. Cheats

Video Courtesy: Sofar Sounds

6. BP Valenzuela

Video Courtesy: Party Bear

7. The Ransom Collective

Video Courtesy: The Ransom Collective

8. Dane Hipolito

Video Courtesy: Stages Sessions

9. SUD

Video Courtesy: Save The Day

10. Bullet Dumas

Video Courtesy: Sofar Sounds

Who are your favorites on this list? Tell us in the comments!



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