MYXclusive: BRISOM Releases Debut Album "Limerence"!

The band Brisom just launched their first album Limerence under Warner Music!

Composed of Brian Sombero (vocals/guitar), Terence Teves (guitar), Timothy Abbott (synth/beats), Jason Rondero (bass), MJ Dantes (synth/percussion), and Jeffrey Castro (drums/sampler), Brisom has been experimenting with different approaches to their sound since being formed in 2012!

After finding their musical identity with the 2013 EP Perspectives, the band says Limerence is the record where you can truly experience Brisom’s sound which is pretty much inspired by the 80s! It includes rearranged songs from the said EP plus a bonus track in the form of an alternate version of “Bigkas” featuring actress Lovi Poe!

The carrier single “Pride” is currently on the Pinoy MYX Countdown! According to frontman Brian, the song basically talks about equality when it comes to love! 

The digital version of Limerence will be available starting June 24! For now, get to know more about the band, their humble beginnings, and many more facts about their new album in their MYXclusive interview! Watch it below!

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