Krissy & Ericka's "12:51" Is #1!

The singer-songwriters and sisters Krissy & Ericka finally reached the top spot on Pinoy MYX Countdown this week! And the girls are so excited for this achievement, treating it as a huge step for OPM too.

Their song, "12:51" is a top contender on the MYX Daily Top Ten for weeks, besting even some of the big international acts on the list. Being relatively new in the mainstream scene, it's a huge step for the acoustic duo. 

"12:51" has sparked many fan versions online and has also received appreciation from their foreign following on their YouTube account, krissysings . Because of the awesome response on their original composition, they will also release an original song as their next single! Watch out for that soon on MYX!

It's now time for Krissy & Ericka to say THANK YOU to all who supported them! Watch their thank you video below!



  • ChoraLovesSwift

    posted 5 years ago

    Super Duper love them both!!! :))
    <3 Krissy and Ericka

  • juliehan

    posted 5 years ago

    favorite ko poh 12:51 ???

  • shariza ramones

    posted 5 years ago

    hmMF...ND Q naAbutan ung ft island s myx nkakainis sna ulitin p yun....

  • el-el

    posted 5 years ago

    Gud luck sa concert ng blake.

  • JustinRocks

    posted 5 years ago

    I reaLLy love that song ! 12:51 :)