WATCH: K12: The K-Pop Countdown (June 25, 2016)

What's up K-Pop fans? We've got another fresh episode of K12: The K-Pop Countdown hosted by VJ Ai and MYX vlogger Sunny!

Sunny treated birthday girl Ai to some of her homemade kimbap! Mouth-watering, right?!

But we're sure our K-Pop chart results will hype you up this weekend! Will EXO maintain their dominance this week? Watch the brand new episode of K12 below to find out!

Did your idols make it to the chart this week? Use the hashtag #MYXK12 on Twitter to join the discussion about K12: The K-Pop Countdown! Ai and Sunny might even read your tweet on their next episode! In the meantime, keep voting for your favorite K-Pop music videos on the online voting box!

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  • patchotlovelots

    posted 1 year ago

    annyeong vj ai and to you myx blogger sunny.. sana po magstay pa ng matagal ang monster ng exo dito sa k12 kpop countdown .. paki hi nalang po ako kay park chanyeol babes ko.. hihihi


  • Sergei

    posted 1 year ago

    On the Cavs roster. Dahntay Jones & JR Smith. I'm proud of JR Smith. I've been a fan of him since his days with the Denver Nuggets. It's been a long ride for JR after some off-court issues throughout his career and now he's a champion with the Cavs. I feel bad for Jessica (a San Francisco native) that her Warriors couldn't get it done. But don't be sad. You're still my favorite member of the original 9-piece group of SNSD. Just keep flying and god bless us all. #M

  • Sergei

    posted 1 year ago

    Annyeong everyone. I'm back and I have to say "Who's laughing now?" HAHAHAHA. The Warriors CHOKE. Cavs won their franchises first NBA Championship and citys major pro sports championship since 1964. And I watch their championship parade. It was nuts with 1.3 million people in the streets of Cleveland last 2 weeks. Shout out to my fellow New Jersey natives since I was born there and raised in Manila.

  • aaadelynjoy

    posted 1 year ago

    Annyeong VJ Ai and Myx Vlogger Sunny, it's my first time to finally post a comment in this show. I'm learning a lot about korean thanks to sunny unnie. 💕💕 Gustong gusto ko po talaga tong show na to and I hope tumagal pa sa chart ang BTS!! I just want to greet all the ARMYs out there! So much love to Myx from Zamboanga City. I love you Kim Taehyung (V)!! BANGTAN FIGHTING!!! 💪🏻 💪🏻💪🏻 Muchas Gracias 😘

  • CathWu61

    posted 1 year ago

    Annyeong VJ Ai and MYX Vlogger Sunny! Its my second time watching K12 since EXO is no. 1 for 2 weeks! Yehey! Btw, yung yehet at ohorat po expression po yun ni Sehun sa EXO Showtime nilang variety show! Just wanna say Hi to all the EXO-Ls out there and thank you so much for for supporting EXO's Grand Comeback! Job well done Fam and keep on streaming official MVs in SMTOWN channel! The word slay is for EXO! Fighting EXO-L! Fighting MYX! Thank you!