Somedaydream Wants To Become A MYX Celeb VJ Again!

Fresh from his win at the MYX Music Awards 2012, Somedaydream thanks everyone who campaigned and voted for him! This is his first award ever -- a big achievement for Rez, especially that he is considered a newbie in the business.

Rez also recognizes the hardwork the VJs deliver everyday just to present your favorite music videos, including his, on MYX! Awww... how sweet!

To find out more on what he has to say about his new "baby" watch the video below!

To watch his winning moment again, watch the MYX Music Awards 2012 Special TOMORROW MORNING at 8:30 AM. Start your day right with awesome performances, celebrity sightings, and more! Don't forget! TOMORROW at 8:30 AM only on MYX!



  • @loveREZ_TOLEDO

    posted 5 years ago

    sana nga heheh congratz somedaydream hope nga sana heheheh

  • ukissme_ghurl07

    posted 5 years ago

    :sana mging VJ sya talaga ulet!!!tutok to the max nnman kung gnun!!^^haha~ I LUV YAH REZ!!='>:

  • traiza

    posted 5 years ago

    sana nga gustong gusto ko!!! sa month of APRIL!!! <3 luv u kuya rez!! <3 :)