LOOK: VJ SHARLENE Releases First Ever Single!

VJ Sharlene's first ever single has finally been released!

A day before its official release from online streaming apps, VJ Sharlene took to Twitter her excitement over her thrilling collaboration with Mayonnaise!

Although Mayonnaise originally released "Paraan" 3 years ago, Monty Macalino lent the song to Sharlene and gave her the liberty to 'own' it and bring new vibes to it.

Fans are happy for Sharlene and they're expecting her to release a music video as early as now!

We can't wait to see the music video as well! But for now, let's go on 'senti' mode and grasp the message of the song. Isn't it just the perfect song for this gloomy weather?

P.S. Monty and Shar should talk about making collaborations more often, don't you think?

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