LOOK: Will TYPECAST Go On Hiatus?

Is this the "Last Time" for us to see them perform? Are there no more "unlonely nights and romantic moments" for Typecast fans?

The drama began when the band's official announcement about their hiatus spread like wildfire! In the video (which has been taken down), frontman Steve Badiola said that they have to focus more on their personal lives after finishing their Sweet 16 Tour and they will part ways for an indefinite period - just like what Kamikazee did.

The news triggered emo reactions from fans of the band who popularized the songs "Will You Ever Learn", "Reverend's Daughter", and more! But hours later, Steve posted a clarification on Facebook that Typecast will not break up! Apparently, it was just his "little inside joke" and attributed the incident to his "anxiety". He apologized for pushing it too far and said that the concerned reactions melted his heart. Read his latest statement below!

Whew! We're so relieved that Typecast is here to stay! Can't wait to hear new music from the band soon!

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