MYXclusive: "Hiling" Is A Wish Come True For MARK CARPIO!

Mark Carpio's debut album Hiling has been released under Warner Music! It's a wish come true for the entrepreneur-turned-singer whose musical journey was 11 years in the making!

According to Mark, he has always wanted to venture into music since he was a kid. He liked to write songs and play instruments during his teenage years! He even joined a band before but he pursued a career in real estate instead!

Hiling is all about the different stages of love and relationships! With the help of producer Jonathan Ong, Mark was able to make eight tracks of pure love and passion including his carrier single “Kay Tagal”! The said song is quickly gaining attention after being featured in a Koreanovela!

There was nothing else Mark could wish for as he was joined by his friends and family during his album launch! Check out our MYXclusive video below to know more about Hiling!

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