LOOK: Is Emo Making A Comeback?

Everybody went nuts over the recent teaser from My Chemical Romance which hinted at the group's resurrection! But MCR eventually clarified that there will be no new tour to watch out for or a band reunion planned! They're just re-issuing The Black Parade with unreleased demos on the album's 10th anniversary!

However, they're not the first emo/pop/punk band to create noise in recent years! Fall Out Boy started it a couple of years ago with their reunion album Save Rock And Roll.

Video Courtesy: FallOutBoyVevo

Good Charlotte also released their new (and farewell) album,Youth Authority, this year.

Video Courtesy: GoodCharlotteVEVO

Meanwhile, Blink-182 fans rejoiced when the band released California just this July!

Video Courtesy: blink182VEVO

Sum 41 is in on the comeback spree as well with the release of their video "Fake My Own Death".

Video Courtesy: Hopeless Records

And it was like 2006 all over again as Dashboard Confessional opened this year's Alternative Press Music Awards and headlined Taste Of Chaos Festival 2016!

Will the Emo resurgence "carry on"? Are guyliners and bangs poised for a comeback as well? Because we're far from being "not okay" with it, we promise.

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