5 Memorable Lines From "How To Be Yours"!

Dan Villegas has done it again! The How To Be Yours director successfully captured the on-screen chemistry between Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson - and allowed the viewers to immerse themselves into the world of Anj and Niño.

Bea plays a woman whose dream is to become a chef in a high-end restaurant while Gerald's character is a sales agent who wants a stable life. But when their goals were within reach, their lives started to change. Will they survive the challenges in their relationship?

Here are five of our favorite lines from How To Be Yours:

Time is essential in every relationship. Kaya 'pag babe time, MAKE TIME!

I'll go wherever you will go. Hihi.

Kiss me now. Cheka.

Golden rule: leave something for yourself.

'Di ba pwedeng BOTH? :D

How To Be Yours is now showing in cinemas nationwide!

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