LISTEN: ARIANA GRANDE Unveils Two New Songs!

Surprise, Arianators! Ariana Grande took to her official SoundCloud page to release two new tracks! 

Bubblegum, glittery pop can be best used to describe "Voodoo Love". It gives a bit of a throwback feel since the track reminds you of her sound from her earlier albums, Yours Truly or My Everything.  Coincidentally, Ariana takes you down a familiar road with a fresh new take of her 2013 hit, "Honeymoon Avenue". More upbeat and danceable, this "OG Honeymoon Ave" version with Dap Kings livens up the much slower original. 

Ariana's got us all in a spell with these how new tracks cause we're hooked right now, honestly. Stop what you’re doing and listen to these tracks right now!

“Voodoo Love"

"Now I'm not talkin' bout movies, don't need no happy end

I just wanna make you love me, and stay through thick and thin

I'm just gonna use some magic, might feel a little drunk

And if you try to leave me, I'll lock you in the trunk"

OG Honeymoon Ave (with Dap Kings)

"I feel like my heart is stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic,

I'm under pressure

Cause I can't have you the way that I want

Let's just go back to the way it was"

Any thoughts about these new Ariana Grande tracks? Feel free to leave a comment below!