Wake Up And Listen To Malay!

From left: Pochoy on vocals, guitars, Alden on drums, and Miguel on back up vocals, bass

Who says OPM is out? We have a new rising band out to open up your senses with some good 'ol 90's-inspired alternative rock! 

Malay is a three-piece group composed of former vocalist of band Dicta License, Pochoy Labog on vocals and guitars, Alden Abaca on drums, and Miguel Dayanghirang on back up vocals and bass. 

The recently released their debut album, "Your Year", which includes their first single, "Halina". The video debuted on the Pinoy MYX Countdown at #13 and is still going strong on the charts! 

Find out what's the story behind their music video shoot for "Halina" by watching it here! 

You can listen to the entire "Your Year" album by checking out their Bandcamp and their official Facebook accounts! If you love what you hear, buy the album in all Team Manila outlets with the official Malay shirt (See what Pochoy is wearing in the photo!) by Team Manila. It comes with an download card where you can legally get their songs online. Or just go to their gigs and buy from them personally! They're really nice guys, don't worry!

For more updates on Malay, check out their official website,

"Halina" is still up for voting on! Just register and log on to to vote. Just type in "Halina - Malay" on the upper right hand corner at the frontdoor of the site! Keep voting and keep supporting OPM!