MYXclusive: The Six G's In AUTOTELIC’s “Gising” Music Video!

Autotelic just launched the official music video of their new single "Gising" at Route 196! Now signed under MCA Music, there's no stopping our former MYX Spotlight artist from becoming the next big thing in the local music scene!

According to the band, the song "Gising" is about daydreaming - letting yourself drown in the feeling of being in love to the extent that it's already too good to be true.

Here are the six Gs in Autotelic's new single and music video:

1. Glance

The music video was able to vividly describe the lyrics of the song. And yup, the love affair of the main characters started from guess what? A sheer glance, inside a bar where they met!

2. Gathering

The concept of the music video allowed Autotelic to have their friends join them at the shoot! It was one big party as the guys from Sud, Jensen and the Flips, and many others took part in the performance scenes! .

3. Guitar

The guitar intro of "Gising" is one of the trademark elements of the song, hence their official hashtags for the launch were #jeng #jengjengjeng. During the launch, the band called on Gabba of Tom's Story to jam with them.

4. Gusto

Both the song and music video are products of Autotelic's passion and intense desire for their craft. "Gising"" is just a start, their next studio album is already in the works and you'll get to know more about it on MYX!

5. Goals

The group has accomplished some "band goals" in making this new video. It's their first as the six-piece Autotelic, just like how you see them in gigs. And apparently, all of the male band members got a haircut just before shooting the video!


6. Glamorous

The director's cut of the video, which is 10 minutes long, gives off a short movie vibe. With Paolo Ruiz calling the shots, "Gising" has quite an interesting story that the bands' fans will definitely love.

Watch our MYXclusive interview with Autotelic during the video launch below:

Get to know more about Autotelic on the MYX Live Chat this August 11! In the meantime, show the band some love and check out the short version of "Gising" which is currently on MYX Premiere:

Video Courtesy: AutotelicVEVO

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