WATCH: 5 JADINE Music Videos That Made Us Fall In Love!

James Reid and Nadine Lustre's love story blossomed right before our eyes! Let's relive their journey from "reel" to "real" by looking back at some of the music videos where they appeared together.

1. Alam Niya Ba

Jadine fans consider this music video as the catalyst for their relationship since it's their first ever project together. Alam niyo ba 'yon? :D They were merely acquaintances back then, but they certainly know each other inside out now!

Video Courtesy: Viva Records

2. No Erase

It's the theme song of their breakout film Diary ng Panget. "No Erase" talks about thinking things over before saying something that can't be unsaid! Maybe that's why they took their sweet time to say "I love you" because dapat No Erase, No Wipeout, No Delete. PERIOD.

Video Courtesy: Viva Ent

3. Para-Paraan

Some may consider "Para-Paraan" as the ultimate hokage song, but think of it this way: What would you do if your crush passed by right in front you? Of course, pumara-paraan ka na! IRL though, James and Nadine didn't have romantic feelings for each other yet at this point. Or were they just in denial?

Video Courtesy: Viva Ent

4. Hanap-Hanap

If you really love someone, no matter how hard you try to stay away, you will always find your way back to each other's arms. After spending a lot of time with someone on movie sets and concert tours, hahanap-hanapin mo talaga siya!

Video Courtesy:Viva Ent

5. Randomantic

The simplest, most random things that we do with our partners feel more romantic than the usual stuff! This music video features some of James and Nadine's randomantic adventures and basically sums up their love story from reel to #TeamReal!

Video Courtesy: Viva Records

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