WATCH: CHARLIE PUTH "Narrates" LIZQUEN Movie On Snapchat!

Charlie Puth is back in town for his concert at the Kia Theater this August 14!

The "One Call Away" singer-songwriter chanced upon Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil's movie Everyday I Love You on Cinema One and decided to come up with his own narration of the 2015 LizQuen film which also starred Gerald Anderson!

Liza herself retweeted Charlie's hilarious Snapchat video which was captured by her fan! Check it out below!

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    posted 1 year ago

    ang hai lizquen idol ko talaga kayong dalawa palagi akong iiyak dahil gusto ko talagang makita kayong dalawa.; yong dolce amore sana hindi na yon papalitan nang teleserye gusto ko talaga ko kayong makita araw araw..