LOOK: 8 Reasons Why LIZA SOBERANO Is The Pinoy Rapunzel!

Thanks to the attention she's been getting from international celebrities, Liza Soberano is now being hailed as the Pinoy Rapunzel!


And not only because ang haba ng hair ni Bes! Just like the Disney princess, some fans would rather hide her in a tower - as in "Itago si Liza Soberano!"

Her humble attitude - plus that good-natured response above - only makes us love Liza more! Here are some of her haba ng hair moments!

1. When the Dolce Amore star was featured in an Italian newspaper

2. When even the reigning Miss Universe praised her beauty

3. When she met her idol Selena Gomez and they looked like BFFs

4. When she amazed James McVey of The Vamps with her awesomeness after being personally invited to their concert

5. Speaking of concert invitations: When Charlie Puth tweeted her

6. When she didn't even go, but still got a shoutout

7. When The Chainsmokers joined the Twitter saga

8. When Quen posted... 


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Do you agree that Liza Soberano is the Pinoy Rapunzel? Tell us in the comments!