Krissy & Ericka Got New Guitars From Sam Milby!

Krissy & Ericka is indeed blessed not just with a chart-topping song, "12:51" but also a lovable and giving kuya in Sam Milby!

The sisters shared the big surprise of their Kuya Sam as he meaned to give them each one of the best acoustic guitars as a gift. Ericka shared that her Kuya Sam gave an excuse to not meet up with them directly (Sam's excuse is he's all sweaty from working out) so he can shock them with the wonderful package waiting for them in his car.

Lo and behold the two guitars for Krissy & Ericka! But this wasn't the first pair of guitars he gave the girls. When they were a bit young in the business, they already got another pair, also from Sam!

Would you want a kuya like Sam Milby? Krissy & Ericka sure are lucky!

Watch their reaction to the big surprise by watching the video below!

You can still vote for "12:51" on the MYX Charts! Just log in and register on and type in 12:51 - Krissy & Ericka on the Poll Box at the right hand corner on the frontdoor!



  • Rineah_holy mamao

    posted 5 years ago

    nice krissy & ericka

  • SunSun

    posted 5 years ago

    snsd time machine music video

  • ChoraLovesSwift

    posted 5 years ago

    Both of Them are so Lucky!!! Congratulations Krissy for graduating from high school!! :))

  • dimsumdiner

    posted 5 years ago

    so happy for them!! tahnks kuya sam!! :))