"Florence Foster Jenkins" Brings The Story Of World's Worst Singer To The Big Screen!

Based on an inspiring true story, Florence Foster Jenkins proves that someone's love for music transcends others' perception!

Recognized as one of the world's best actors, Meryl Streep plays the World's Worst Singer in her new film! Florence is a New York heiress who pursued her dream to become a singer. Inside her head, she could hear a voice so divine and powerful but the world heard the opposite. Meanwhile, her husband St. Clair Bayfield - portrayed by Hugh Grant - was so devoted to his wife that he was blinded by the truth.

The MYX Movie Date team went to the special screening of Florence Foster Jenkins - and VJ Ai raved about Meryl's performance!

Florence Foster Jenkins is one hilarious film you must watch! It will open in Philippine cinemas this August 24! Watch the full trailer below:

Video Courtesy: Paramount Pictures

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