LOOK: 5 Local Celebrity Dog Lovers!


1. Kathryn Bernardo - Cloud and Snow


Cloud loves this spot ????

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A project that's really close to my core.. #EverydayKath ????

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Snow is Teen King Daniel Padilla's birthday gift to Kathryn Bernardo for her 18th birthday while Cloud is a Golden Retriever for which she considers as the "best dog"!

2. Nikki Gil - Charlie


Happy Sunday from this suplaDOG ?? #doncharlito #goldenretriever

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Our former MYX VJ is like a mom to Charlie because her Instagram feed is filled with different photos of her and this cutie patootie Charlito. 

 3. Gerald Anderson - Hercules 

Hercules' name speaks for itself. Like Gerald, Hercules is a trained dog for search and rescue operations. 

4. Sharlene San Pedro - Tyler



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Did you know that Tyler is a gift of VJ Jairus to VJ Sharlene? #JaiLene #JaiLeneForever 

 5. Sam Concepcion - Papito  


Chill afternoon with Papito ??

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Jasmine Curtis-Smith's Papito is a cuddly black pug is close to Sam. He used to borrow Papito when they were still together. 

Do you know other celebrities who are also dog lovers? Tell us in the comments!




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