MYXclusive: 5 Times THE CHAINSMOKERS Made Their Filipino Fans Feel Special!

The Chainsmokers didn't let us down as they brought their music closer to Filipino fans!

American DJ duo Alex Pall and Drew Taggart came back to the Philippines for a sold-out arena show! Fans couldn't get enough of their songs like "Roses", "New York City", "Waterbed", "Inside Out", "Don't Let Me Down", and of course, their latest hit "Closer"! They gave us an awesome show but more than anything else, they made us feel super special!

Let us count the ways:

1. When they said they feel loved by the Philippines more than the US

Isn't it amazing to know that our love for The Chainsmokers resonates to the other side of the world?

2. When they said that their "Closer" performance here was the best so far

Drew Taggart told the audience that they previously performed "Closer" during Halsey's sold-out show at the Madison Square Garden last week but their Manila show is just better!

3. When they Insta-storied almost everything that went on

Such an honor because they seldom use Instagram story to share what's happening around them. For the record, there were LOTS of stories!

4. When they expressed how important Filipino fans are to them

They've had staunch supporters in the Philippines since their "#Selfie" days and even more so now! Uhm, excuse us but you guys are to blame for making EARGASMIC music!

5. When they had our back

"When everyone thought we weren't going to be a hit, you were there for us. Philippines, you've got our back and we've got yours!"

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