LOOK: 5 Heartbreaking Lines From "Camp Sawi"!

Camp Sawi is the right place to be for the broken-hearted. So if you want to move on, move in to Camp Sawi now!

The film follows the story of Bridget whose boyfriend of 10 years left her. She goes to Camp Sawi where she meets other girls who also suffered the awful pain of heartbreak. Here are some of our favorite heartbreaking lines from the movie!

Agree. Pain is felt regardless of age. It depends on the situation, right?

Beh, hindi lahat pusong bato. Pain is hard to handle so be careful not to inflict it on someone's heart!

When love strikes you, everything else won't matter. Mahal mo, eh!

Yes, you are well and alive but when pain strikes you, ang puso mo buried six feet under beh.

Probably the most painful line in the film. Ramdam kita, beh! Carry on!

Today is #NationalSawiDay! If you feel like you need to take a break from your painful past, then head on over to cinemas near you and catch Camp Sawi!

What's your most heartbreaking line from "Camp Sawi"? Tell us in the comments!