LOOK: CHRIS BROWN Faces Felony Assault Charges Anew!

After allegedly pulling a gun on a beauty pageant contestant during a party inside his LA home, 27-year old Chris Brown has been arrested earlier today for felony assault with a deadly weapon.

Brown's arrest follows a standoff with the Los Angeles Police, after this woman called the authorities and reported that the R&B singer threatened him with a gun. Also, lengthy search of Brown's home was made after police produced a search warrant.

Meanwhile hours ago, Brown posted rants on Instagram about the issue while he remained inside his home. He said that he’s tired of dealing this new dilemma and he seemed so pissed off about the police and the barricading of his house.

While this is still a developing story, this recent legal arrest of the singer is just one of the many cases he had over the years. Get your story straight, Chris Brown.





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