WATCH: VJ SUNNY Breaks Down In Tears!

VJ Sunny is very bubbly on and off cam, so the MYX staff was surprised when she broke down in tears at AsiaPOP Comicon! Watch her crying video below!

So why did VJ Sunny get so emotional? Apparently, she was looking at a Facebook post about a dog owner who shared the story of her pet's last day before being euthanized. According to to the owner, she knows how tired her dog feels so she made the decision to put her down. But before that, she gave the dog the best day of her life!

VJ Sunny cried after seeing the photos of the dog getting pampered with a pedicure, a bath, a delicious meal, and a final bonding moment with its buddies! Touching, right? Check it out below!

Did you have the same reaction as VJ Sunny after seeing the dog's final moments? Tell us in the comments!