WATCH: 10 Must-Watch Covers Of "Cold Water"!

There's no denying that "Cold Water" by Major Lazer feat. Justin Bieber & MØ has been receiving red hot love not just from fans but other musicians and Youtubers! The song reminds everyone that there will always be somebody willing to be a lifeline whenever you're lost.

We found 10 wonderful covers that are making waves online! These musicians had their own approach to "Cold Water" and listening to all these different versions just makes you appreciate the song even more!

So if you feel you're sinking, just check out these cool covers of "Cold Water" to brighten up your day!

1. Against The Current feat. Tyler Carter

Video Courtesy: againstthecurrentNY

2. Conor Maynard

Video Courtesy: Conor Maynard

3. Leroy Sanchez

Video Courtesy: Leroy Sanchez

4. Kurt Hugo Schneider with Citizen Four

Video Courtesy: Kurt Hugo Schneider

5. Tiffany Alvord

Video Courtesy: Tiffany Alvord

6. Tyler Ward

Video Courtesy: Tyler Ward Music

7. Samantha Harvey

Video Courtesy: Samantha Harvey

8. Macy Kate 

Video Courtesy: Macy Kate

9. Ciuffi Rossi

Video Courtesy: Ciuffi Rossi

10. Matt DeFreitas

Video Courtesy: RollUpHills

Which of these "Cold Water" covers did you like the most? Tell us in the comments!