WATCH: 5 Must-See Foreign Movies This September!

What better way to get entertained than a full movie experience inside the cinema!

There are tons of films to see in your favorite cinema but you can't afford to catch 'em all! Relate much? Are you having a hard time choosing which movie to watch? No worries because we are here to help you decide!

1. Train to Busan

This South Korean horror drama will LITERALLY take you on an intense and thrilling ride while inside the cinema. The story follows Seok Woo, a father who is too caught up with his job, and his daughter Su-an whose birthday wish is to see her mother in Busan. Will they survive when a zombie virus breaks out during their train ride? Following its successful premiere in Cannes, the film eventually got a massive audience in mainstream cinemas. Whether you are a huge zombie fan or not, you will surely love this movie! Train to Busan is now showing in cinemas nationwide!

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2. Blair Witch

A direct sequel to The Blair Witch Project, this will surely bring back the legacy of fear that the 1999 original once shared to its audiences. A guy named James ventures into the Black Hills forest along with some college students to uncover the mysteries that surround the disappearance of his sister. As the story unfolds, they slowly realize that the Blair Witch legend is far more real than they ever imagined. Thing is, you don't actually need to watch the first installment to get a complete viewing experience. So if you want to get scared and scream at the top of your lungs, catch Blair Witch which opens in Philippine cinemas on September 14!

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3. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

ATTENTION GIRLS! Zac Efron and Adam Devine are looking for wedding dates! Mike and Dave's sister is getting married so their family demands that they bring "decent" dates to the wedding. The two try to fulfill their wish by finding women on Craigslist with a promise of all-expense paid trips to Hawaii. If you want to laugh the entire time you are inside the cinema, then this hilarious film is the right one for you. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates will open on September 14 in Philippine cinemas!

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4. Bridget Jones's Baby

Bridget Jones is back and she's having a baby. The notorious singleton is now in her 40s and doing very well as a top news producer. Despite her success, there is still something missing: the love of her life. But in a twist of fate, she gets pregnant with only a fifty percent chance of knowing who the father is. If you haven't watched the first two films, make sure you find time to do so as you might get confused with some of the references from the previous films. Bring a friend or two and laugh all you want inside the movie house. Bridget Jones's Baby also opens on September 14!

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5. Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children

In just a couple of weeks, fans of the best-selling novel by Ransom Riggs will finally get the chance to see it on the big screen! Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children follows the story of Jake who finds himself caught in an unconventional world with children who possess extraordinary abilities. Whether you are a fan of the book or not, you definitely won't get disappointed with the film which arrives in theaters on September 28!

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Which among these films are you excited to see? Feel free to leave a comment!