LOOK: 5 Times JC SANTOS Made Us Swoon

People can't get enough of JC Santos after seeing him on primetime television! No worries, that's quite understandable.

So who is JC Santos? Apart from his impressive portrayal of Ali in Till I Met You alongside James Reid and Nadine Lustre, there's much more to this young lad than meets the eye. For one, he's a critically-acclaimed theater actor who starred in numerous stage plays with veteran thespians. Plus, he previously appeared in the CinemaOne mini-series Single/Single together with Shaina Magdayao and Matteo Guidecelli.

Despite his convincing portrayal of a gay character in TIMY, some girls couldn't help but swoon over his hotness! Here are five Instagram posts that will surely make you swoon even more!


Dahil chumachubby na. Saraaap ng araw! #BiladBilad #joggingjogging #HubaderoSaAmoranto

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;Are you willing to stand under the scorching heat of the sun with him?

Would you still be able to breathe if you see him shirtless? Inhale, exhale.


Beach! Photo by and @Regrann from @andreisuleik - JC Santos #Regrann

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Or you could act like you're drowning if you want to get saved by him...


Mykonos #TillIMetYou #taping #alejandro #iwearfoldedandhung #foldedandhung #ootd #FH

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 But a walk in the ancient streets of Greece would also be nice, don't you think?

You know what's best? A conversation over a cup of coffee with eye-to-eye contact. Ikape mo na lang yan, bes.

Which among these photos made you swoon over JC Santos? Tell us in the comments!