LOOK: Here's Steve Of "Blue's Clues"... 20 Years Later!

Here's a dose of nostalgia, everyone. Blue's Clues turns 20 this year! The classic children's TV series entertained kids all over the world with its mystery-solving theme! It starred Steve, whose real name is Steve Burns, plus his besfriend dog Blue!

Since it's 20th anniversary of the show, let's catch up with Steve himself 20 years after he first sat on the "Thinking Chair"! In case you didn't know, he pursed a career in music after his Blue's Clues stint! The 42-year old - who lives in Brooklyn, New York - recently reminisced about the show on Twitter!

He also said that he's less excited about the mail now! Adult life huh, Steve?


He looks like this now. Let's all say "Hi Steve!"


This winsome, simpering selfie is lying to you. #notphotoshopped #oldschoolsfx #deceit

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