WATCH: TAYLOR SWIFT Jams To..."This Is What You Came For"!

In her recent Instagram post, Taylor Swift is seen at the front row of New York Fashion week during Gigi Hadid's unveiling of a collection with Tommy Hilfiger.

Her caption says,"SO PROUD OF YOU GIGI!!!! That show was INSANE. Congrats to Gi, Tommy, and all the girls who just owned that runway!!".

Interstingly, at the end of the video, she is seen singing along to Calvin Harris' "This Is What You Came For". For those who don't know, the superstar DJ is Swift's ex, whom she collaborated with writing the said track. The revelation of her writing that song that stirred a bit of controversy a few months ago because she took credit after their break-up.

Now, is Tay-tay just singing along to the song or is she trolling her ex? You be the judge. Watch it here:


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