#NOBURN Faceoff: VJ Ai vs VJ Alex

We all have that one friend whom we can comfortably share our thoughts and sentiments with. But more importanly, we all have that one friend whom we can share shallow moments of our lives without feeling awkward. But do you have enough confidence to turn simple conversations into fun moments without any... reservations? 

VJ Alex and VJ Ai recently took to social media their kulitan moments and we just can't get enough of it! Here's what happened:

1. When your bestfriend tries to shut you down because you chose to be single. #BURN

Blast him out and prove that there's more to having a relationship like being confident enough because you have a fresh breath. #NOBURN

2. When your bestfriend teases you for being stuck in love with your ex. #BURN

Take things slow, value your past and prove that moving on is a process! #NOBURN

3. When your bestfriend makes fun of you because you love to eat.

But you know too well that eating is fun and you just gotta put up a good fight! #NOBURN

4. When your bestfriend thinks you are wearing too much on a regular day. #BURN

But you just don't care because you are uh-uhm confidently beautiful with a bang! #NOBURN

We meet new friends almost every now and then. But nothing beats a long-lasting friendship with the one we consider real! Wherever you go, whatever you do, have the confidence to do anything you want! With Colgate Plax, you can now share fun moments with your bestfriend without holding anything back!

Are you #ConfidentEnough to take that extra step? Share your thoughts in the comments!