Catch "Ayaw'g Buhi" by JEWEL VILLAFLORES on MYX Premiere!

MYX goes VisPop!

Started four years ago, VISPOP is a music campaign that encourages the creativity of songwriters of the bisaya language and helps promote their music to different regions in the Philippines.

Produced by ArtistKo and Dogpound Films, "Ayaw'g Buhi" from singer-songwriter Jewel Villaflores will premiere today on MYX at 6pm!

The 2013 VisPop Grand Champion is a singer-songwriter from Cebu who is known for her Bisaya single, "Duyog", which made it to mainstream VisMin radio stations.

Video courtesy: FatBoys Production

MYX has always been in support of non-Tagalog Filipino music. Maldita's "Porque" and Junior Kilat’s “M-16” are just a few of the the many successful songs that have made it to our charts.

So if you’re a musician and you want to submit your video to us, we encourage you to do so! Send your material to us via All submitted videos are subject for review and approval of the management. Upon approval, simply complete the airing release form sent to you and you’ll soon be seeing your video on the number one music channel in the Philippines!

Don't miss the MYX Premiere of "Ayaw'g Buhi" by Jewel Villaflores at 6pm tonight!