7 Music Festival Outfits You Should Try!

Planning your festival #OOTD is tricky. You have to worry about your body getting all sweaty if it gets unpleasantly humid or your feet getting muddy if rain pours. We know how much time festival-goers invest in planning a killer look, so we've come up with a guide to help you stay comfy, but still stylish.


1. It's true that the glory days of crop tops and denim shorts have come to an end, so go for a pair of cotton shorts instead. If you want a more flirtatious look, add a knee-length coverup.


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2. Of course, bralettes are supposed to be worn as undergarments, but you're just wasting precious money if you're covering them up when they're this pretty.



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3. A little too formal for a festival? Yeah, maybe. But with a glittered slip dress, you can turn anything into a party.


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4. An all-black ensemble is a staple outfit for music events. IT NEVER GOES OUT OF STYLE.



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5. If you opt for a denim on denim look, make sure one of the pieces is eye-catching.


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6. For the boys, keep it simple with a muscle tee and board shorts.


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7. A shirt and a pair of pants also goes a long way for the guys. Up the ante with bomber jackets!



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Which of these outfits would you wear in a festival? Tell us in the comments.