LOOK: "The Sound Of Music" Actress Dies At 73!

Charmian Carr, best known for her role as Liesl Von Trapp in the film adaptation of "The Sound of Music", hass passed away at 73. In an update posted by her official website,  her repesentative shared that Carr "has died of complications from a rare form of dementia at the age of 73."

The actress was only 21 when she co-starred with Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer in the 1965 iconic film and was the voice behind the famous song "Sixteen Going on Seventeen." When she left the movie industry and started her own design business, Charmian Carr Design. Her most famous client, her friend Michael Jackson, was also a huge fan of the Academy Award-winning film.

Reminisce Carr's soulful singing with her beloved song, "Sixteen Going on Seventeen":

Video courtesy: Rodgers and Hammerstein

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